The Name Game
 Is life a battle,
 if you come from Hastings?
 If you come from Chorley,
 is it a piece of cake?
 Do you have to be a tart
 to live in Bakewell?
 And if your name's sleep,
 are you ever awake?
 Do you deserve applause
 if you come from Clapham?
 Do you never shower
 if you come from Bath?
 Are you more than a ham
 if you come from sandwich?
 And if your name's Giggle's
 are you game for a laugh?
 Do Smiths forge for a living?
 Are Meeks humble and giving?
 Are Dances having a ball?
 And if your name's Foot,
 are you twelve inches tall?
 If you come from Avon,
 are you always calling?
 If you're an Angel
 are you always falling?
 Are Wrights ever wrong?
 If your name's Singh
 Do you know the song?